Sustainable Innovations Delivers the 1st Fully Integrated Solid-State Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor System to NASA

Sustainable Innovations has delivered a Hydrogen-Based Energy Conservation System (HECS) for recovering hydrogen from various waste streams at NASA Stennis Space Center (SSC). The first of its kind, this fully integrated, solid state system is designed to recover hydrogen released from cryogenic storage or to separate hydrogen from helium used in rocket test operations. Using a proprietary electrochemical process developed by Sustainable Innovations, the HECS system can purify and compress recovered hydrogen to commercial storage pressures, facilitating its reuse for vehicle fueling and other needs. SI was tapped for this development project because of its success in hydrogen fueling pressure at significant scale while avoiding the unacceptable downtime and maintenance pitfalls that have hampered mechanical compressors. As an electrochemical-based process, energy is not wasted during compression and there are no moving parts. The result is a highly reliable system requiring very low maintenance.


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